Friday, November 03, 2006


this blog must be boring...

....i was thinking the other day [as i rode my bike of course], that i hadn't posted anything lately to this blog. well, here's why: there's not much to write. i ride my bike, a lot. not much different than my life since i moved into my house in spring 2005. i bought it so i could be within walking/riding distance of campus, so i had pretty much eliminated driving already, at least daily driving. i remember last winter, i felt the need to start my car once-a-week just to make sure the battery didn't go dead. really, what i guess i should do is sell the big green chrysler and get my Beetle back over here. there's not much reason to keep the Chrysler operational since i never drive it. and the beetle, well, surely it could use some love. it has been in storage for maybe five years now i think.

so, maybe it'll be more exciting not to have a car once winter sets in. maybe i'll try biking in the snow, which my friend tara says is impossible. ha ha!

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