Thursday, October 19, 2006


keeping my friends happy

...not that they would ever complain, but so as to be proactive with them about driving me [i'm mainly talking about pete and mike here, since they are my two closest friends in town], i have resolved to always buy their dinner when they pick me up, pay for the night at the movies, etc. i think this is the least i can do even though so far it is not really out of their way or burdensome to come get me. i live in the center of the city, they are both south of me, and for instance tuesday night mike and i went to the movies in northwest columbus and last night pete and i went for indian food up north on rt.161. in both cases, even if i were driving again, we would have made the same logistical arrangements. and in case we want to do something/go somewhere south of me, i've got my bike, and i can just ride to their place, leave the bike, and ride with them from there....

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