Friday, October 20, 2006


night-time riding

it's 10pm and i just got back from the museum. i rode there tonite around 7pm--right after darkness set in, duh--and participated in an OSU faculty/staff/students night. the wuhan delegation was there too, so it was a lot of fun. there was chamber music, jazz, and then a gospel choir.

but about the biking: i have two flashing lights and a battery-operated headlight for bucky-the-bike. on the way there, i put both flashing lights on the rear and the headlight on the front fork. i think this was a passable arrangement. i also wore my rain suit jacket which, although it is navy navy blue, has a thick silver reflective strip around the chest. as for a route, i took Summit street all the way to downtown to Broad Street, where the museum is. probably about 4 miles, maybe a little less. took about 15-20 minutes. no worries.

on the way home, the headlight wasn't working [it fell off months ago, before china, and i hadn't adequately fixed it this evening], so i put one flashing light on my front handlebar bag, the other one on the back, and zoomed home up High Street. again, not a real problem though i was constantly checking my rear-view mirror...every few seconds.

i think i can handle this biking without too many difficulties, probably because of the fact my house is somewhat in the center of the city and has major arterial roads that are well-lit and facilitate riding in the night. oh, the temperature tonite is in the 40s and there's no rain, unlike last night. ha!

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