Thursday, October 19, 2006


only half-successful tonite

well, it was coooold and rainy tonite, but i had to go out to bexley to meet my friend and ride to some calling hours with him. the calling hours were at the house of the parents of another friend, outside the outerbelt in fact. so, my plan was to go to dave's house [about 6 miles...summit to broad], ride with him, then ride back. well, i got out there no problem. even though it was raining, my shoes didn't get that wet, but when i took off my rain jacket, my dress shirt was somewhat soaked through by sweat. the thing i'm realizing about the rain jacket is that it completely keeps the water out, but it also keeps in all the heat i produce...and generally, even without thinking about it, i ride pretty hard when i am on busy arterial roads.

after the calling hours, amy, dave's wife, pretty near insisted that david put me and my bike in their minivan and drive me home. to be honest, even though i didn't want to [it's actually a little hard on bikes to cram them into cars, and not just the cars can get scratched/ripped up, but the bikes can to], i didn't resist completely. i was running behind schedule, i knew i had outta-town friends waiting for me at my own house, so i let him. i know driving me completely defeated the purpose of driving--because his round-trip was the exact milage my driving woulda been...but like i said, they insisted i accept a ride. it was cold, windy, rainy, dark as hell, etc....and to them, with two small children, that is definitely not bicycle-riding weather!!!!!

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